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Recordings from the NEx Session on "Nanocomposite Polymers in Construction Materials Technology"

We are delighted to share recordings from our session that took place at ACI Fall Convention in Boston on October 29, 2023. Session recordings are available on NEx's YouTube Channel and include:

This recording contains the opening statement made by NEx President, Mr. Waleed AlOtaibi, Nonmetallic Engineering Manager at Aramco.

This talk was delivered by Konstantin Sobolev, Professor at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and Director of the Concrete Sustainability and Resilience Center.

This talk was delivered by Prof. Robert Macfarlane, Paul M. Cook Associate Professor of Materials Science in the Department of Materials Science, MIT.

This talk was delivered by Roland Pellenq, CNRS Research Director (DRCEx) at the European Membrane Institute (Montpellier, France).

This talk was delivered by Anita Vuchkovska, R&D chemist at W. R. Meadows, a leading developer and manufacturer of building materials.

This talk was delivered by Marilyn Minus, Professor and Chair of the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at Northeastern University in Boston, MA, USA.

We'd like to once again thank all speakers for your participation and sharing knowledge with ACI Convention attendees.  


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