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Steering Committee

The role of the Steering Committee is to provide technical consultation to NEx Board of Directors. The committee supports annual development and monitoring of Center's business plans. The committee comprises six members:


Mohammed H. Al Mehthel, SC Chair

Principal Professional, Saudi Aramco

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Antonio Nanni

Professor and Chair, Dept. of Civil & Arch. Engineering, University of Miami

Gusai AlAithan headshot.png

Gusai Al Aithan

Liaison Director and Engineering Consultant, 

Aramco Americas

Oscar Daniel Salazar Vidal.jpg

Oscar Daniel Salazar Vidal

Engineering Consultant,

Saudi Aramco

Neven Krstulovic-Opara.jpg

Neven Krstulovic-Opara 

Expert – Structural, Civil & Concrete Materials LNG Tank SME, ExxonMobil Technology and Engineering Company

William Gold.jpg

William Gold


American Concrete Institute

Technical committees may be created to support NEx’s functions, with direction from the NEx Steering Committee and staff.

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