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Allied Partners

The goal of NEx Allied Partnership is to effectively and efficiently collaborate and reduce redundant efforts on issues related to nonmetallic building materials. The above goals will be accomplished by undertaking the following activities:

  • Identify and facilitate development and adoption of design and consensus-based construction codes and specifications that allow the use of nonmetallic materials.

  • Supply or facilitate the creation of the knowledge needed for designers, contractors, and owners to utilize nonmetallics in their projects.

  • Identify gaps in technical knowledge and bring them to the attention of relevant SDOs (Standards Developing Organizations).

  • Support and facilitate research needed for new technologies in nonmetallics to resolve challenges with effective solutions.

  • Help the industry in assuring the manufacturing quality of nonmetallics and of the competent installation, testing, and inspection of those products.

  • Foster and support technologies related to utilization of nonmetallic materials and technologies in construction.

  • Provide technology transfer, professional development, course content and related resources needed by the design, construction, specifying professionals and owner representatives to apply sound and proven solutions using nonmetallic materials.

Current Partners

ICC Evaluation
Services (ICC-ES)

With over 90 years of experience and thousands of reports, ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) is the industry leader in performing technical evaluations of building products, materials and systems for code compliance.

Tilt-Up Concrete
Association (TCA)

The Tilt-Up Concrete Association (TCA) is the international nonprofit trade association for the global tilt-up concrete construction industry and was founded in 1986 by a dedicated group of contractors, professionals, and manufacturers with the interest of improving the quality and acceptance of tilt-up construction.

National Ready Mixed
Concrete Association (NRMCA)

Founded in 1930, the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) is the leading industry advocate. Its mission is to provide exceptional value to their members by responsibly representing and serving the entire ready mixed concrete industry through leadership, promotion, education and partnering to ensure ready mixed concrete is the building material of choice.

Center for the Integration of Composites into Infrastructure (CICI)

The Center for the Integration of Composites into Infrastructure (CICI) is a National Science Foundation (NSF) Industry-University Cooperative Research Center (IUCRC). Established in 2009, CICI’s goal is to accelerate the adoption of innovative composite materials and systems into critical infrastructure. The mission of CICI is to accelerate the adoption of polymer composites and innovated construction material into infrastructure and transportation applications through collaborative research.

Concrete Foundations Association (CFA)

The Concrete Foundations Association (CFA) was formed in 1975 to serve the interests of poured wall contractors. As an international nonprofit trade association with a diverse membership spread throughout the United States and Canada, maintains a network that permits individuals with needs and interests to seek advice and professional experience while curating forums where contractors exchange ideas and gain insight for technological and practice advancements.

Additional Partners

NEx looks to draw additional partners for global collaboration from leading academic institutions, industries, technical societies, standard bodies and manufacturers. Prospective partners are encouraged to contact NEx at to explore opportunities.

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