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NEx Projects

NEx aims to support and fund ideas and projects that will positively impact sustainability, durability and innovation. NEx has successfully sourced and funded 32 new projects valued at more than $1.3 million in 2022 and 2023 under NEx’s core functions: Standards and Guidelines, Research & Development, Technical Advocacy & Awareness and Professional Development.

Funding Process

Funding Process

NEx presents a valuable opportunity during each second quarter of the year for individuals to submit their innovative project ideas and problem statements pertaining to technology and industry needs. These submissions should be in alignment with at least one of the core functions and scope of NEx. It is important to note that NEx solely expects the ideas, research needs, and problem statements themselves, rather than any proposed solutions or intellectual property concepts.


Upon receipt of these submissions, the NEx Steering Committee and the Board conduct a thorough review process to assess the merit and potential of each idea, subsequently shortlisting those that qualify for funding in the consecutive year. Once the selection has been made, the chosen ideas are open to all participants for the Request for Proposals (RFPs) process.


The announcement of the Request for Proposals (RFPs) generally takes place in the third quarter of the year. All proposals undergo a meticulous evaluation by the NEx Steering Committee and the Board, who carefully analyze and assess their viability. By the end of the year, successful awardees are contacted and notified of their selection.


Upon confirmation, the project contract is formalized during the first quarter of the project execution year, signifying the commencement of the chosen initiatives. This structured process ensures transparency and facilitates the effective implementation of projects funded by NEx.

Call for Ideas

Call for Ideas

Each year, NEx offers the opportunity to submit project ideas/ problem statements (technology and research needs) for funding. NEx aims to support and fund ideas/projects with positive impact on sustainability, durability and innovation. The ideas/research needs/problem statements should align with at least one of the NEx core functions and scope.

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We welcome ideas year round. Please fill out the Project Idea Form below, or download a PDF version of the form and send to

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If you would like to add a link directing to a webpage with more information, enter the webpage address (URL) and title below.

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