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About Us


NEx was launched in collaboration between ACI and Aramco Americas, the U.S.-based subsidiary of Aramco. NEx is registered as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. NEx is a stand-alone subsidiary of ACI with its own Board of Directors and Steering Committee. As a subsidiary of ACI, NEx leverages ACI’s role as a world-leading authority and resource for the development, dissemination and adoption of consensus-based standards for concrete design, construction and materials, and its professional network to further NEx’s mission.


Aramco is a leader in the use of nonmetallic materials in oil and gas facilities sector to reduce corrosion and the cost of construction and operation. This initiative with ACI is part of the company’s broader strategy to support the industry by developing and adopting more sustainable materials.


Building on ACI’s efforts over the past four decades to advance nonmetallic technologies with numerous published guides, reports and specifications, coupled with Aramco’s more than 20 years of developing and deploying nonmetallic solutions within its operations, NEx is uniquely positioned to accelerate the knowledge and use of nonmetallic materials and technology.

Value Proposition

NEx Partners will gain a thorough understanding of the performance of nonmetallics with respect to:








NEx Partners will gain a thorough understanding of the performance of nonmetallics with respect to:

The near- and long-term applications for nonmetallics in concrete construction and building are almost unlimited. Potential applications can range from replacing traditional metallic reinforcement in complex structures such as bridges and high-rise buildings to using nonmetallics to stabilize unstable soils. Nonmetallics offer many advantages in concrete construction, including lighter weight, high strength-to-weight ratio and non-corrosivity. In addition, the use of nonmetallics allows for the elimination of some additives such as corrosion inhibitors, no restriction on pH of concrete and no limits on the total chloride content in the concrete (e.g., use of recycled concrete aggregates and calcium chloride as an accelerator).

Strategic Plan

The Center envisions a future where everyone has the knowledge needed to use nonmetallic materials and products in the built environment effectively to meet the demands of an evolving world. NEx envisions becoming a global leader in advancing nonmetallics to enhance sustainability, lower carbon footprint and improve durability.

Collaborate globally to expand and accelerate the use of nonmetallics in the built environment to drive innovation, research, education, awareness, adoption, and deployment.


Standards and specifications—identify and facilitate the development and adoption of design and construction codes and specifications;

Education and technology transfer—supply or facilitate the creation of the knowledge needed for designers, contractors and owners to use nonmetallics in their structures;

Quality and competency—help the industry in assuring the manufacturing quality of nonmetallics and of the competent installation, testing and inspection of those products;

Research and development—support and facilitate research needed for new technologies in nonmetallics to resolve challenges with effective solutions; and

Outreach—work with material suppliers, manufacturers, designers, owners, government agencies and standards developers to bring nonmetallics into wider use in construction.


Core Functions

Committees will advance the following core functions:

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It is recognized that critical design and construction tools for the deployment of nonmetallic building materials are only partially available. There is a need for unambiguous standards in the form of building codes, construction specifications, material specifications and more.


American Concrete Institute committees are recognized as a resource for unbiased consensus information on topics related to reinforced concrete. Where ACI already has committees that address certain aspects of nonmetallic reinforcement, NEx can support these committees with the latest technical information and research. In some instances, coordination with other industry organizations may be appropriate.


Technology transfer is at the core of successful deployment—designers, contractors and owners are not necessarily familiar with new technologies. NEx will develop and deliver programs including short courses, webinars and software tools, while also leveraging ACI facilities in Michigan, California, Illinois, Dubai and beyond.


Workforce certification is a must to transform the construction industry and ensure safety. The creation of specific certification programs for field personnel may include topics such as reinforcement storage, handling, installation and field inspection and Q/A.


The setup of plants to manufacture nonmetallic building materials may not be capital-intensive; thus, new manufacturers can appear with unsubstantiated product performance claims. Additionally, changes in key constituents in product manufacturing are hard to detect. Plant production Q/C and plant certification appear to be  critical opportunities to ensure quality and consistency.


Even though research and development has been conducted over the last 30+ years, more needs to be done for the effective and efficient deployment of nonmetallic reinforcement technology in terms of better understanding physical performance (for example, slabs-on-ground); development of new tools (for example, mechanical couplers, reinforcement detection and repair of damaged reinforcement); methods for establishing financial viability (for example, procurement protocols and LCC/LCA studies) and more. Through the support of partners, NEx will fund these industry-critical initiatives.


NEx will develop educational campaigns on NEx initiatives and the benefit of nonmetallic building materials for appropriate communication to the international community.


NEx will strategically leverage ACI’s relationships and network of global leaders, international partners and international chapters to meet the global needs of the Center of Excellence.

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