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Become a Member or Partner

NEx looks to draw additional partners for global collaboration from leading academic institutions, industries, technical societies, standard bodies and manufacturers. Prospective partners are encouraged to contact NEx at to explore opportunities.


Funding for all NEx initiatives will come from Sustaining and Supporting Members. This funding is necessary and critical to allow NEx to produce viable results from its inception. As part of the highest level of membership, NEx Sustaining Members receive:

  • An invitation to serve on the NEx Steering Committee to establish annual budget, strategic plan, and operational plan;

  • An invitation to serve on the Nominating Committee for the NEx Board of Directors;

  • An invitation to serve on any of the NEx Technology, Standards/Specification, Professional Development, Advocacy/Technical Support, and Product/ Personnel Certification committees;

  • Access to all NEx content; and

  • Prominent recognition on NEx website.

NEx supporting members will help the Center achieve its mission and receive the following benefits:

Membership Level
NEx Steering Committee
NEx Core Function Committees
Presence on NEx Website
NEx Project-Specific Committees
NEx Nominating Committee
Access to NEx Content
Annual Commitment (in USD)
Sustaining Member
Gold Supporting Member
Silver Supporting Member
Bronze Supporting Member
By invitation
Specifying Agency
By invitation
By invitation

Read our Member Prospectus for more information. To join as a Sustaining or Supporting Member, please fill out our Membership Application.

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