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NEx BOD Conducted Third Meeting in 2023

The NEx Board of Directors (BOD) recently convened for the 3rd meeting in 2023, which was conducted both in person and virtually, coinciding with the ACI Fall Convention in Boston MA. During the meeting, the BOD's primary focus was on the comprehensive review of the 2024 business plan, which had been recommended by the Steering Committee and consisted of a total of 30 projects. The BOD also engaged in discussions pertaining to the center's progress and its strategic growth initiatives. The meeting witnessed an exceptional exchange of ideas and wisdom among the BOD members, each contributing their unique perspectives to bolster NEx's mission of supporting nonmetallic materials in the Building and Construction (B&C) sector. The collaborative spirit that permeated the gathering was truly inspiring. As the year draws to a close, the BOD is preparing for one more round of engagement, ensuring that NEx continues to thrive and flourish in its endeavors.

A heartfelt thank you to our esteemed Board Members: Waleed Al-Otaibi, Riyadh Alshiban, Randall W. Poston , Antonio Nanni, and Ron Burg.


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