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NEx to Host Workshop at Fall 2022 ACI Convention

NEx: An ACI Center of Excellence for Nonmetallic Building Materials is set to host its first ever workshop at the upcoming ACI Concrete Convention. The NEx Workshop on Designing Concrete Structures Reinforced with FRP Bars Using the New ACI CODE 440.11-22 will take place on Wednesday, October 26, 2022, from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM at the Hyatt Regency Dallas. The purpose of this workshop is to educate attendees on the newly developed ACI CODE 440.11-22 and the application of GFRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer) reinforced concrete in the construction industry.

This workshop will provide an overview of FRP reinforcing bar properties, where they are commonly used, and how other standards from ACI and ASTM provide the foundation on which the new code has been developed. Plus, a discussion on where the code puts limits on the types of structures that can be reinforced with GFRP bars and where the code does and does not apply. The workshop will also include a detailed discussion on the engineering of GFRP reinforced concrete for beams, columns, slabs, walls, and connections; determining flexural, shear, torsional, and axial strengths; and detailing GFRP bars for serviceability and durability.

Four Learning Objectives:

  • Identify basic material performance properties of GFRP reinforcing bars and how they compare to traditional steel reinforcement;

  • Explain where the new ACI code for GFRP reinforced concrete applies, its limitations, and how it relates to other ACI & ASTM standards;

  • Interpret basic mechanics of GFRP reinforced concrete in flexure, shear, axial compression, and torsion; how it compares to steel reinforced concrete; and the associated code requirements;

  • Apply the basic principles presented to design concrete members and connections reinforced with GFRP bars.

This is a great opportunity for engineers, owners, contractors, consultants, students, and manufacturers to get familiar with the technical and engineering aspects of the ACI 440.11 code and learn more about designing and detailing with GFRP reinforcement. Lunch will be provided and participants will earn six CEUs/PDHs.


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