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NEx Session on "Nanocomposite Polymers in Construction Materials Technology"

A highly successful session focusing on "Nanocomposite Polymers in Construction Materials Technology" took place at ACI Convention in Boston. This dynamic event delved into the latest advancements in the field of nano-polymers and hydrocarbon-based nanocomposites, shedding light on their transformative impact on the construction industry. The session concluded with a thought-provoking forum discussion, providing a glimpse into the future of nano-polymers. Here are some key highlights from this engaging workshop:

  • Waleed Al-Otaibi, Manager at Aramco and NEx President, delivered the opening statement, offering insights into NEx's journey and remarkable accomplishments.

  • Konstantin Sobolev from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee shared his expertise on how nanotechnology is revolutionizing the world of concrete.

  • Robert Macfarlane, a researcher from MIT, explored new, scalable nanocomposite synthesis methods, focusing on the creation of processable 3D materials composed entirely of polymer brush-grafted nanoparticles.

  • Roland Pellenq from CNRS, France, discussed the preparation and characterization of nanoporous carbon integrated into cement, resulting in an electron-conducting composite material with outstanding mechanical properties and resistance to degradation.

  • Anita Vuchkovska from W. R. Meadows highlighted the importance of proper dispersions of titanium dioxide (TiO2) nanoparticles for enhancing their photocatalytic performance in the construction and building industry.

  • Marilyn Minus from Northeastern University presented on fundamental experimental, theoretical, and computational studies aimed at developing a new processing method for blending polymers and nanofillers.

The session received an enthusiastic response and was well attended, underlining the industry's keen interest in these transformative technologies. For those who missed the event, recordings of the speaker presentations will soon be available on NEx's website and YouTube channel, providing a valuable resource for those looking to explore the exciting world of nanocomposite polymers in construction materials.


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