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NEx Announces Funding for 11 New Projects - Proposals Invited

NEx: An ACI Center of Excellence for Nonmetallic Building Materials is pleased to announce funding availability and sponsorship of 11 new projects coming in 2023. These projects regard Research and Development, Standards and Guidelines, and Professional Development. All funded projects aim to further NEx’s mission to collaborate globally to drive research, education, awareness, and adoption of Nonmetallic building materials. NEx invites proposals for any of the following projects:

Research and Development

  • RD23.01 Proposed Testing and Acceptance Criteria for GFRP Bar Couplers

  • RD23.02 The Use of Synthetic Macrofibers to Improve Crack Control and Water Tightness in Environmental Structures

  • RD23.04 Conduct State of the Art Study and Develop Recommendations to Address Fire Endurance/Resistance of Pultruded Structural Members

  • RD23.05 Study and Improve Fire Endurance/Resistance of Polymer Concrete

  • RD23.06 Developing a Fire Testing Program for FRP Structural Concrete

Standards and Guidelines

  • SG23.01 Develop Polymer Soil Stabilization Guideline

  • SG23.02 Develop Guideline for Bendable Concrete

  • SG23.03 Develop Guideline for FRP Dowels

  • SG23.04 Develop Guideline for FRP Composite Mesh in Concrete

  • Professional Development

  • PD23.02 Develop and Deliver Introductory Material (Guest Lecture) for Universities on Nonmetallics in Building and Construction

  • PD23.03 Develop a 5-Day Course for Nonmetallics in Building and Construction

Please email proposals and supporting information to Further instructions can be found by clicking the links provided above or by visiting The submission deadline for project proposals is end of day, October 5, 2022. If you have any further questions regarding the proposal requirements or process, please contact NEx Technical Director, Aparna Deshmukh,

In addition to these Requests for Proposals, NEx looks to draw additional partners from leading government agencies, technical societies, standard bodies, and manufacturers. To learn more about how NEx is advancing nonmetallics and to get involved, visit

To learn more about how NEx is advancing nonmetallics and to get involved, visit


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